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Hello my name is Dimitris,

I am working abroad in various countries since 1997 and lately live & work in Hamburg.

My job is a little different from what I show on this site:

I studied shipbuilding and am working in this field to this day, but my greatest love is art. Believing that making curves for ships would be easy to paint as well. During my way to learn painting I realized that it is long way to go with shadows and lights and it is hard to find the golden line between them. The great opportunity came to me in Korea, there an artist taught me how to feel like an artist and then how to apply the correct shades and colors.

The paintings are with various themes drawing from a different perspectives, new perspectives and perception.

How about the way into abstract painting? Believing this is the way; I see myself the world and nothing more.

Hope you will relax and enjoy this web page...

And I'm pretty sure you'll find something interesting to analyze.

Thank you for taking the time to take a journey on my page


Exhibition ,,...bis das Wasser zu sehen, zu hören oder zu tragen ist''

At Altonaer Museum

Museumstrasse 23, PLZ 22765, Hamburg, 24th November 2019

11:00-14:00 Uhr, Musikalische Aufführung 12:00Uhr



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